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Our ninth annual guided historical walking tour of Fairhaven Memorial Park and Santa Ana Cemetery featured costumed actors portraying residents of the Santa Ana and Orange County area who experienced some of the calamities that impacted our county..

Certainly Orange County has had its share of disasters, some of which literally “shook” the county like the 1933 Long Beach earthquake. Regional natural disasters like earthquakes, floods and fires have unquestionably affected local history.

Along with the rest of the country, we have suffered through national economic and social disasters: the Great Depression; forced Mexican repatriations of the 1930s; WW-II’s Japanese internments. But our research also revealed smaller, more personal calamities, like the loss of a loved one through drowning, a tragic occurrence at a workplace, a parent falling prey to a medical epidemic, an accident witnessed at 4th of July festivities. In their own way, these too left their mark on the county.

While some of the stories we offered are sad and poignant tales, we also wanted our tour to reflect the notable resiliency of Orange Countians in the face of adversity. So our scenes reflected a strength of will to pull together, rethink, and rebuild.

View photos from the tour, click here.

View Register artist Sharon Henry's Illustration (pdf).

The Perils of OC: Calamities that Shook Orange County

Directed by Jeff Budner and Ashley Opstad

Produced in creative partnership with Orange County High School of the Arts (OCHSA)
and sponsored through the generosity of Fairhaven Memorial Park


Scene I: United Under Blood of the Same Color
Written By: Roberta Reed
Roy Kobayshi Played By: Justin Chu
Narrator Played By: Alexandra Johnson

Scene II: The Worst is Certainly Over With: Allen Goddard and the Great Quake
Written By: Alison Young
Allen Goddard Played By: Krisman Neville

Scene III: The Mexican OC: Repatriados
Written By: Sara Guerrero
Carlitos Played By: William Anderson
Yolanda Played By; Natasha Kiefer
Latina/Mother Played By: Joelle Golda
Debi Played By: Jasmine Parkins
Concepcion Played By: Teri Budner
Daughter Played By: Karla Munoz

Scene IV: Drowning
Written By: Will Morton
Will Spurgeon Played By: Alec Sorensen
Jennie Spurgeon Played By: Danielle Elsasser
Fred Rohrs Played By: Ben McDermit

Scene V: It Is Well With My Soul
Written By: Roberta Reed
Debbi Stone Played By: Julia Manis
John Erratt Played By: John Erratt

Scene VI: The Flu Epidemic
Written By: Will Morton
Dr. Howe-Waffle Played By: Katylin Smith
Mildred Windolph Played By: Tina Metalis
Narrator Played By: Kyra Gardner

Scene VII: The Balloonist
Written By: Will Morton
Dan Baker Played By: Derrek Coleman
Mrs. Milo Stevens Played By: Jana Mahany
Narrator Played By: Brittany Amsler

Scene VIII: Strength and Character Grows From Adversity
Written By: Roberta Reed
Marge Niblack Played By: Peggy Calvert

Scene IX: Water Water Everywhere
Written By: Roberta Reed
Amanda Harmon Blee Played By: Hailee Banks

Scene X: A Musical Review
Lucia Bell, Selena Devore
Staci Jackson, Sarah Hunt
Heather Jackson, Jenny Powell

Tour Guides
Allison Aoun, Lucia Bell
Sarah Cohen, Kasey Dishon
Rebecca Opstad, Savannah Rigley, Nicholas Tomeo


The Perils of OC: Calamities that Shook Orange County Event Committee
Co-Chairs: Roberta Reed and Alison Young
Student Director: Jeff Budner
OCHSA Faculty Advisor: Ashley Opstad
Publicity: Guy Ball, Wayne Curl
Program: Guy Ball, Catherine Cate
Research: Roberta Reed, Alison Young.
Will Morton, Lynn Yerby, Sara Guerrero
Publicity Flier/Posters: Carl Overmeyer, Alison Young
Advertising: Steve Cate, Catherine Cate
Donations: Tim Rush, Ben Grabiel
Costumes: Alison Young, Dee Runnells, Roberta Reed
Casting: Ashley Opstad, Jeff Budner
Videographers: David Jirik, Jeff Iverson, Ted Zahn, Carlos Chavez
Exhibits: Jim Marquez
Event Crew: Guy Ball, Ed Coté, Wayne Curl, Paula Faccou, Nyx Goldstone, Ben Grabiel, Ginelle Hardy, Jessica Hernandez, Danny Lampson, Angela Mauro, Will Morton, Yvonne Morton, Nathan Reed,

Roberta Reed, Jared Solano, Lynn Yerby, Alison Young, Eris Young

Our Major Contributors
Fairhaven Memorial Park
C. J. Segerstrom and Sons
Jason’s Restaurant and Bar

Heliotrope Studios

First American Title


Special Thanks
Fairhaven Memorial Park and Cemetery
Mary Ellen Lohnes, Fairhaven Memorial Park and Cemetery, for her event assistance and coordination
Steve Cate for making our program possible
David Jirik and Heliotrope Studios, for once again filming and creating the tour DVD
Bill and Marilyn Stone for sharing their memories of their daughter Debbi
First American Title for flier and mailer printing

Don Krotee Partnership, Inc.
Seven Gables Realty – Sandy DeAngelis
UPS Store

Orange Pacific Insurance
Polly’s Bakery and Café

Teresa’s Jewelers
Heninger Park

Historic French Park

Bowers Museum

City Place

Mill Bakery

Focus Industries

Orange County Flood Control District
Orange County Health Care Agency
Orange County Sheriff Coroner’s Office
Santa Ana Fire Department
Santa Ana Police Department


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