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Our eleventh  annual guided historical walking tour of Fairhaven Memorial Park and Santa Ana Cemetery featured costumed actors portraying historic figures who share stories of medical practitioners from Orange County’s past.

Included in the post-Civil War migration to California were many involved in the healing arts. Doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, and even “snake oil” salesmen came to ensure the health and well being of the people of the Santa Ana Valley. Orange County’s population thrived because of (and sometimes in spite of!) the medical professions. The multi-generational physicians of the Ball family; the pioneering nursing school at turn-of-the-century Santa Ana Hospital; E.R “Painless” Parker’s traveling circus and dental clinic; come hear costumed actors reveal touching, inspirational, and sometimes amusing personal stories of the Orange County residents who cared for the health of their community.


Looking at the many state-of-the-art medical facilities in today’s Orange County, it’s hard to imagine a time when there were no hospitals at all, and doctors rode their horses through flooded streams and tall mustard grass to reach patients in outlying ranches and farms…a time when emergency surgery was practiced on kitchen tables or in store-front offices by physicians who had honed their skills on the battlefields of the Civil War. But by the early 20th century, the Santa Ana Valley had built some of the most up-to-date hospitals in Southern California, quickly adopting the latest advances medicine had to offer. After hearing some of our stories today, I’m sure you’ll agree that we are indeed lucky to live in “modern times”!

We are pleased to once again partner with the talented artists at Orange County High School of the Arts, who supplied us with many of our actors, tour guides and musical talent. Students from Segerstrom Fundamental High School have supplemented our cast and staffing for the event. Our Director, Wendy Tobiska, advisor to OCHSA’s award winning Thespian Society, and Student Directors Allison Aoun and Brandon Nease put in many hours to make this tour a success. Our original scripts were written by Will Morton, Peggy Calvert, Board member Roberta Reed, and Alison Young. This group of outstanding local artists creates a wonderful combination of history and entertainment that you are sure to enjoy.

View photos from the tour, click here.

View the video on YouTube about the tour.

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An Apple a Day: Medical History in Orange County
Directed by Allison Aoun, Brandon Nease, and Wendy Tobiska

Produced in creative partnership with Orange County High School of the Arts (OCHSA)
and sponsored through the generosity of Fairhaven Memorial Park

Scene I - Civil War Medicine
Written By: Alison Young
Dr. John Lacy Played By: Alex Wasserman
Dr. James Medlock Played By: Peter Holmstrom
Dr. Henry Head Played By: Dylan Funder

Scene II - Scandal
Written By: Will Morton
Abigail Played By: Abigail Schwartz
Millie Played By: Hannah Delahunty (morning), Jessica Evans (afternoon)
Medical Association President Played By: Skyler Garn

Scene III - Oranges for Health
Written By: Alison Young
Sunny 1 Played By: Erin Lubitz
Sunny 2 Played By: Link Aviles
Sunny 3 Played By: Sarah Maugaotega

Scene IV - Dr. Willella Howe-Waffle
Written By: Peggy Calvert
Dr. Howe-Waffle Played By: Peggy Calvert

Scene V - A Noble Profession
Written By: Roberta Reed
Mae Northrup Burlew Played By: Haley Kilar
Cora Huntington Ross Played By: Tessa Horner (morning), Nicole Soma (afternoon)

Scene VI - Charles Dexter Ball and Sons
Written By: Will Morton
Emma Ball Played By: Dana Rich (morning) ,Leah Cohen (afternoon)
Edna Ball Played By: Zofia Wereta (morning), Adriana Baird (afternoon)
Isabel Ball Played By: Ariana Weiss (morning), Kayleen Pen (afternoon)

Scene VII - The Real Doctor Burtnett
Written By: Alison Young
Dr. Jasper Burtnett Played By: Luis Ceja
C.W. Burger Played By: Josaphat Valdivia
Mrs. Emily Burtnett Played By: Allison Aoun

Scene VIII - A Great Deal of Good
Written By: Roberta Reed
Dr. John Wehrly Played By: Ben Teincuff
Augusta Wehrly Played By: Erin Manker

Scene IX - Solace in Books
Written By: Alison Young
Dr. Jesse Burlew Played By: Brandon Nease (morning), Zac Diamond (afternoon)
Sister Elizabeth Played By: Sydney Daebritz

Scene X - Painless Parker
Written By: Will Morton
Painless Parker Played By: Stefan Berglund
Dr. Julius John Jacobs Played By: Mark Berglund
Patient Played By: Patrick Berglund
Katy Olson the California Canary Played By: Katy Olson

Tour Guides
Elizabeth Bohks,  Annica Borg-Sundstrom, Caroline Claxton
Zac Diamond,  Katie Gerdts
Vivi Hanson,  Lindsey Kallman
Kiko Meronk,  Daniella Morelos
Harley Peetoom,  Tayi Sanusi
Layla Sefried,  Kristina Stapchuk
Kylynn Vedovitch,  Zofia Weretka

An Apple a Day Event Committee
Co-Chairs: Alison Young, Roberta Reed
Director, OCHSA Thespian Advisor: Wendy Tobiska
OCHSA Student Assistant Directors: Allison Aoun, Brandon Nease
Program: Guy Ball
Research: Roberta Reed, Alison Young, Colleen Williams
Writers: Will Morton, Alison Young, Roberta Reed, Peggy Calvert
Promotion: Guy Ball, Ray Poppa
Promotion Graphic Design: Carl Overmeyer, Alison Young
Advertising: Steve Cate
Donations: Steve Cate, Guy Ball, Tim Rush, Colleen Williams
Costumes/Props: Alison Young, Rhonda Hanson, Carrie Nease, Peggy Calvert, Roberta Reed, Wayne Curl
Casting: Wendy Tobiska, Allison Aoun, Brandon Nease, Frances Aoun
Video Crew: Jeff Gothard, Paul Le, Nathan Reed, Michael Serna, Ashley Manzo
Exhibits: Wayne Curl, Alison Young, Nathan and Roberta Reed
Event “Crew”: Roberta Reed, Alison Young, Wayne Curl, Paula Faccou, Will Morton, Yvonne Morton, Nathan Reed, Ray Poppa, Jean Poppa, Ann Berkery, Lynn Yerby, Eris Young, Brenda Duarte, Brian Munoz, Gilberto Rafael, Jessica Hernandez, Guy Ball, Nicholas Ball, Jobzave Zamora, Taylor Sumner

Heritage Sponsor
Fairhaven Memorial Park and Mortuary

Patron Sponsors
C. J. Segerstrom and Sons
First American Title Company

Special Thanks
Fairhaven Memorial Park and Mortuary for their continued support.
Mary Ellen Lohnes and Stephen Crawford of Fairhaven Memorial Park and Mortuary, for set-up coordination
Subway Sandwiches at 17th/Bristol in Santa Ana, Diane Patel, owner, for donating lunch for our entire crew
Steve Cate for once again working with our supporters to make this program possible
Our Video Crew - Jeff Gothard, Cesar Vargas, and Paul Le

David Jirik and Heliotrope Studios for his amazing video editing skills
Santa Ana Unified School District for their assistance with the videotaping of this year’s event.
Jeff and Ann Dickman for sharing their collection of letters, photos, and memorabilia from the Dr. John Wehrly Family
Rhonda Hanson and Carrie Nease for their invaluable assistance in costuming our actors
Carl Overmeyer for his graphic talents and generous design assistance
Chris Jepsen for vintage images of the early OC medical community
First American Title for flier and mailer printing

Don Krotee Partnership

Seven Gables Realty – Sandy DeAngelis
Subway Sandwiches – Diane Patel
Orange Pacific Insurance

UPS Store
Connelly Machine Works

Kiwanis Club
Behr Paints

Window Restoration & Repair
Mill Bakery

Polly’s Bakery and Café
Buttercup Blue Ribbon Preserves

Teresa’s Jewelers
Douglas and Julie Garn (parents of Skyler Garn)

World Travel

Orange County Medical Association
Santa Ana Public Library History Room
OShop (supporting the OCHSA Thespian Society)
Gayle Rettberg – Buttercup Blue Ribbon Preserves
Orange County Health Care Agency
Dr. Wehrly display (courtesy of Jeff and Ann Dickman)
Burlew Medical Library of St. Joseph Hospital


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