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Santa Ana: 1940-2007

By Roberta Reed


Features over 200 vintage photos showing Santa Ana from the 1940s to 2007. These images have been rarely seen in public and come from private family collections, the author’s collection, the Orange County Archives, and the Society’s own digital collection.

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Santa Ana's Logan Barrio: It's History, Stories, and Families

By Mary Garcia


The Logan Barrio is one of the several original Mexican barrios in Santa Ana. Its roots trace back to 1886 with the founding of Santa Ana East, a commercial area next to the new train depot. The business prospects died but Mexican families soon began to settle in this comfortable area and grow the area into more than just a place to live.  Author Mary Garcia writes about the area and highlights many of the early families, stores, and businesses. Over 80 vintage photos.

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Early Santa Ana

By Marge Bitetti, Guy Ball, and the Santa Ana Historical Preservation Society

Early Santa Ana

Features over 200 vintage photos showing Santa Ana from the 1860s to the 1940s. These photos have been rarely seen in public and are from the collections of the Bowers Museum, Orange County Historical Society, Orange County Archives, Santa Ana History Room, and local families.

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Special - Now Available! Limited Quantity.

Great Movies Shot In Orange County

By Jim Sleeper


Fascinating history of films and filmmaking in Orange County, CA during the early years. Mary Astor, Theda bara, Gilbert Roland and Buck Jones are just a few early stars presented in this heavily illustrated history 199-pages, hardcover book. 1980, First-edition.

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Orange County Place Names A to Z

By Phil Brigandi


Takes readers through history as it lists over 500 local place names and how they came about -- Mexican ranchos, family farms, forgotten towns, and short-lived post offices.  Wonderfully informative. 114 pgs softbound.

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Santa Ana in Vintage Postcards

By Guy Ball

Santa Ana in Vintage Postcards

Enjoy browsing through Santa Ana's past by viewing over 200 vintage postcards from the 1900s to the 1960s. Guy's book includes subjects such as the downtown business district, commercial and civic buildings, churches, residences, people, and even the effects of the 1933 Earthquake! The images are in black and white with a full caption under each one.

This 128-page, softcover book is a wonderful resource about Santa Ana history.

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Orange Blossoms: 50 Years of Growth in Orange County

By John Sorenson

The Orange Blossoms

An anthology of people in Orange County -- their dreams and accomplishments. A wonderful book by author and editor John Sorenson. Offered through the Santa Ana Historical Preservation Society at a discounted price of $20 each. (It's very heavy!) Hardbound with over 300 pages. See below for purchase information.

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Civil War Legacy in Santa Ana

By Gordon Bricken

The Civil War Legacy in Santa Ana

A Freedom Foundation Award Winner !!!!
After the Civil War, there began the great westward migration. Among the newly arrived settlers to the village of Santa Ana were Civil War veterans and their families. Although largely forgotten today, these veterans possessed the energy and desire that contributed to the rise of Santa Ana to its predominate role as the economic, social and political center of the Santa Ana Valley by 1900. The Civil War Legacy in Santa Ana outlines the conditions that spurred their migration, their contributions to the community and the manner in which they are being remembered today.

Sixty pages, with illustrations.
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Orange County's Pioneer Architect: Frederick Eley

By Rob Richardson

Orange County's Pioneer Architech: Frederick eley

Frederick H. Eley, Orange County's first architect, began his practice in Santa Ana in 1911. Over the next 26 years, Eley designed well over 125 buildings throughout the county. Eley's projects included churches, schools, homes, and civic and business buildings. The architectural designs of Mr. Eley remain in many Orange County cities today, and the styles are just as varied as the purposes intended by his clients. Eley's work represents a legacy of Orange County's early years and the evolving role of architecture as a profession.

Author Rob Richardson became interested in the work of Frederick Eley while still in high school. This 39-page, mini-book is the result of his years of research on a pioneering architect. Many photos of Eley's work are included, as are photos of a young and an elder Eley.

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Woven Bookmark

Woven Bookmark

Woven bookmark showing the Dr. Howe-Waffle House. A wonderful way to mark your latest book. Just $1 each. Tax included. Custom made for us in Europe.

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Historic Cemetery Tour Videos

Historic Cemetery Tour Videos

We have tour videos (on VHS) of the 2002 and 2003 tours available. Each one is $10.00 plus shipping. We have the 2004 through 2007  tour videos on DVD. Cost is just $15 plus shipping.

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