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Law-makers and law-breakers in the OC!

Our eighth annual guided historical walking tour of Fairhaven Memorial Park and Santa Ana Cemetery featured costumed actors portraying residents of the Santa Ana and Orange County area who represented—or sometimes ran afoul of—the law.

Since Orange County’s creation in the late 1800’s, its judicial center in Santa Ana has been witness to cases ranging from tragic to groundbreaking. Sheriff Lacy’s failed attempt to prevent the County’s one and only lynching in 1892; the dramatic trial of Beulah Overell and her boyfriend for the murder of her parents in Newport Harbor; the crucial case of Mendez vs. the Board of Education that laid the groundwork for school desegregation; and Sheriff Jackson who “got his man”—after 16 years!

To view photos from the tour, click here.

OC Confidential: Law and Order in Early Orange County

Directed by Jeff Budner and Ashley Opstad

Produced in partnership with Orange County High School of the Arts (OCHSA) and sponsored through the generosity of Fairhaven Memorial Park

Scene I: The Ruin of Dr. Alvin Jared Howe
Written By: Danielle Marie Ball
Eva Yost Played By: Mallory Kerwin
Cinderella Towner Played By: Elizabeth Bollar
Narrator Played By: Justin Gubersky

Scene II: Orange County’s First Court Reporter
Written By: Roberta Reed
Lester Slaback Played By: Jared Wright
Laura Slaback Played By: Heather Jackson

Scene III: Ever Heard Of….?
Written By: Sara Guerrero
Tia Tula (Gertrudis Robles) Played By: Natasha Kiefer

Scene IV: The Lynching of Francisco Torres
Written By: Alison Young
Sheriff Theo Lacy Played By: John Erratt

Scene V: A Legal Haunting
Written By: Sara Guerrero
Modesta Avila Played By: Lorena Ramirez

Scene VI: The Marryin’ Judge

Written By: Roberta Reed
Judge Cox Played By: Caleb House
Bride Played By: Hailee Banks
Groom Played By: Alec Sorenson
Chauffeur Played By: Mark Rettberg

Scene VII: You Gotta Hang Your Shingle Somewhere
Written By: Roberta Reed
Clara Cushman Played By: Hannah Rosenthal

Scene VIII: The Burning of Chinatown
Written By: Will Morton
Narrator Played By: Danielle Elsasser
Yick Sing Played By: Nathan Pham
Ong Tow Played By: Amanda Chavis
Nellie Tedford Played By: Sherry Hennig

Scene IX: The Interrogation of Beulah Overell
Written By: Johnna Adams
Beulah Overell Played By: Ivy Gilday
Sheriff James Musick Played By: Kyra Gardener
Bert West Played By: Jeff Budner

Tour Guides:
Krystin Burzynski, Chelsea Martin, Rebecca Opstad
Nadia Sosnoski, Lasara Hesser, Angela Rodriguez

OC Confidential Committee:
Co-Chairs: Roberta Reed, Alison Young
Student Director: Jeff Budner
OCHSA Faculty Advisor: Ashley Opstad
Publicity: Guy Ball
Program: Roberta Reed, Guy Ball
Research: Elissa Kagan, Roberta Reed, Alison Young
Publicity Flier/Posters: Carl Overmeyer, Alison Young
Advertising/Donations: Angela Mauro, Tim Rush, Catherine Cate
Costumes: Ann Berkery, Carolyn Erratt, Alison Young
Casting: Ashley Opstad, Jeff Budner
Videographer: David Jirik
Video/Sound Crew: Teri Budner, Jean-Louise Jirik, Ellen Schieber
Event Crew: Guy Ball, Robert Campbell, Ed Coté, Nyx Goldstone,
Ben Grabiel, Ginelle Hardy, Angela Mauro, Yvonne Morton, Will Morton,
Jo Ann Ramirez, Nathan Reed, Lynn Yerby, Eris Young

Our Patron-Level Contributors
Fairhaven Memorial Park
C. J. Segerstrom and Sons

Andy Alison, Vintage Homes
Don Krotee
Black Heart Graphics
Will Morton, Million Laughs
Seven Gables Realty – Sandy DeAngelis

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