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What’s In a Name? The Hidden History Behind Orange County Place Names” was held on Saturday, October 17, 2009. This guided historical tour of Fairhaven Memorial Park and Santa Ana Cemetery featured costumed actors portraying historic figures who shared stories from Orange County’s past.


The names of the cities, parks, and streets we see every day all have a story behind them, often hidden in forgotten history. But names we may take for granted today memorialize stories of the pioneers and history makers of our county, from Spanish explorers to modern industrialists. What prompted the naming of a valley and city after Saint Ann? What prestigious community was originally populated only with sheep?


Why is Modjeska Canyon named after a famous Polish actress? What event was commemorated by the naming of Jamboree Road? How did Judge Prentice’s “house full of monkeys” lead to a land bequest for a park and zoo? Come hear costumed actors reveal touching, inspirational, and sometimes amusing personal stories of the people behind the place names of Orange County.

Docents guided visitors through these and other scenes that played important roles in the history of the county, culminating in a presentation in Fairhaven’s beautiful 1916 mausoleum.

We are pleased to once again partner with the talented artists at Orange County High School of the Arts, who supplied us with many of our actors, tour guides and musical talent.  Our Director, Wendy Tobiska, advisor to OCHSA’s award winning Thespian Society, and Student Directors Allison Aoun and Brandon Nease put in many hours to make this tour a success. Our original scripts were written by Will Morton, Peggy Calvert, Robin Walton, and Board members Roberta Reed, and Alison Young. This group of outstanding local artists creates a wonderful combination of history and entertainment that you are sure to enjoy.

View photos from the tour, click here.

View the video on YouTube about the tour.

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What’s In a Name? The Hidden History Behind Orange County Place Names

Directed by Allison Aoun, Brandon Nease, and Wendy Tobiska

Produced in creative partnership with Orange County High School of the Arts (OCHSA)
and sponsored through the generosity of Fairhaven Memorial Park

With special support from

Scene I:  Jamboree 1953
Written By: Robin Walton
William Spurgeon III Played By: Brandon Nease
Student Reporter Played By: Miranda Galindo

Scene II:  Katella Girls
Written By: Alison Young
Kate Rea Played By: Hannah D’Amato
Ella Rea Played By: Lindsay Kallman

Scene III:  Holy Jim Canyon
Written By: Will Morton
James T (Cussin’ Jim) Smith Played By: Brandon Tomich
Lulu Minter Played By: Vivi Hanson (afternoon)

Scene IV:  Gospel and Swamp
Written By: Roberta Reed
Ruth Armstrong Played By: Sammi Maglinao
Bess McClain Played By: Hannah Delahunty
Gertrude Tedford Played By: Haley Kilar

Scene V:  Lost Trabuco
Written By: Alison Young
Soldier in Portola’s Expedition Played By: Sophia Theofanos

Scene VI:  A Tale of Two Chapmans
Written By: Roberta Reed
Catherine Maag Played By: Zofia Weretka
Charles Chapman Played By: Phillip Jarrell
Alfred Chapman Played By: Cameron King Klig

Scene VII:  Proper Elocution
Written By: Alison Young
Annie Cozad Played By: Lauren Dunacheck (morning)
Michaela Perez (afternoon)

Scene VIII:  Columbus Tustin
Written By: Will Morton
Columbus Tustin Played By: Ben Paltin
William Spurgeon Played By: Bryan Harris

Scene IX:  Moulton
Written By: Peggy Calvert
Nellie Gail Moulton Played By: Annika Borg-Sundstrom
Louis Moulton Played By: Connor Berkompas

Scene X:  Judge Prentice
Written By: Will Morton
Joseph Edward Prentice Played By: Zac Diamond
Mayor R. Carson Smith Played By: Ryan Garn
Councilperson Played By: Fida Haddad

Scene XI:  Boom Town Gone Bust
Written By: Roberta Reed
J. D. Dunlap Played By: Calvin Kreitner

Scene XII:  Madame Modjeska; What’s in a Name?
Written By: Alison Young
Helena Modjeska Played By: Emily Corbo (morning)
Allison Aoun (afternoon)
Emma French Played By: Missy Lawmaster
Romeo Played By: William Daniel

Tour Guides
Michaela Perez & Kara Gee (10:00 tour)
Michelle Brescia (10:15 tour)
Dominique Brych (10:30 tour)
Issy Leustig (10:45 tour)
Katarina Weessies (11:00 tour)
Ann Delahunty & Carrie Nease (11:15 tour)
David Hernandez (11:30 tour)
Alex Durlene (12:30 tour)
Brenna Robertson (1:00 tour)
Kara Gee & Dominique Brych (1:30 tour)
Michelle Brescia (2:00 tour)
Katarina Weessies (2:30 tour)
Alex Durlene (3:00 tour)

Santa Ana Public Library History Room
OShop (supporting the OCHSA Thespian Society)
Orange County Cemetery District
Anaheim Historical Society
Gayle Rettberg – Buttercup Blue Ribbon Preserves
Santa Ana Zoo at Prentice Park


We would like to express our sincere thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this year’s tour a success. The Society’s purpose is to provide a quality living history program to the community that will both educate and entertain at the same time.

Countless hours of volunteer effort go into these tours, and we would particularly like to thank the Orange County High School of the Arts for again partnering with us in this tour. We could not have done it without them. I would particularly like to thank Wendy Tobiska, Allison Aoun, and Brandon Nease for the hours spent in helping us make this year’s tour a success. Allison and Brandon are both veteran actors in our tours, and now they have made the jump to include “director” in their resumes as well.

We would also like to thank our student volunteers from Segerstrom High School, many of whom have faithfully volunteered as part of our even staff for several years now.

We are also grateful to all of our exhibitors who took the time to share with us today.

So many have contributed to making this event possible, and they are recognized on the next page. I apologize in advance to anyone that I missed. We would also like to thank our understanding spouses and families who have supported us in the months of planning and activity prior to this event.

Again, my sincerest thanks to everyone who was a part of this event.

Roberta Reed

Special Thanks

• Fairhaven Memorial Park and Mortuary for their continued support.
• Mary Ellen Lohnes and Stephen Crawford of Fairhaven Memorial Park and Mortuary, for set-up coordination
• Subway Sandwiches at 17th/Bristol in Santa Ana, Diane Patel, owner, for donating lunch for our entire crew
• Steve Cate for once again working with our supporters to make this program possible
• Our Videographers - Jeff Gothard, Hoan Le, Carlos Mascote, and Nathan Reed
• Santa Ana Unified School District for their assistance with the videotaping of this year’s event.
• Carrie Nease, Ann Delahunty, Frances Aoun and Rhonda Hanson for their invaluable assistance in costuming our actors
• Carl Overmeyer for his graphic talents and generous design assistance

Event Committee
Co-Chairs: Alison Young, Roberta Reed

OCHSA Student Directors: Allison Aoun, Brandon Nease
Director, OCHSA Thespian Advisor: Wendy Tobiska
Program: Guy Ball
Research: Roberta Reed, Alison Young,
Writers: Will Morton, Alison Young, Roberta Reed, Peggy Calvert, Robin Walton
Promotion Guy Ball, Ray Poppa
Promotion Graphic Design Carl Overmeyer, Alison Young
Advertising: Steve Cate
Donations: Steve Cate, Guy Ball, Tim Rush,
Colleen Williams
Costumes/Props: Alison Young, Carrie Nease, Ann Delahunty, Frances Aoun, Rhonda Hanson, Wayne Curl
Casting: Allison Aoun, Brandon Nease, Wendy Tobiska
Linguistic Research: Bob Gorby
Video Crew: Jeff Gothard, Hoan Le, Carlos Mascote, Nathan Reed, David Hernandez, Tim Alexander, Victor Granados
Sound Recording Danny Pham
Prop Masters Danny Pham, Jobzave Zamora, Gilberto Rafael
Event Crew: Roberta Reed, Alison Young, Wayne Curl, Paula Faccou, Will Morton, Yvonne Morton, Nathan Reed, Ray Poppa, Jean Poppa, Guy Ball, Carey Baughman, Peggy Calvert, Joanne Kennedy, Lisa Pitsenbarger, Eris Young, Brenda Duarte, Brian Munoz, Jessica Hernandez, Jacobo Guerrero, Lisa Theofanos, Colleen Williams

Heritage Sponsor
Fairhaven Memorial Park and Mortuary

Patron Sponsors
C. J. Segerstrom and Sons

Advertisers & Other Contributors
Don Krotee Partnership
Seven Gables Realty – Sandy DeAngelis
Subway Sandwiches – Diane Patel, 1702 N. Bristol, SA
Orange Pacific Insurance
Connelly Machine Works

Russell & Son Plumbing
Teresa’s Jewelers
Kiwanis Club
MacFarlane Electric
Window Restoration & Repair
Macres Florist
Fast Signs
Buttercup Blue Ribbon Preserves
Murray’s Hardware


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