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The Medical History of Orange County

The medical profession has been a strong component of both the health of the population and the leadership of our local governments. The well respected Orange County Medical Association organized in 1889, the same year as the county itself. 


This page links to a variety of articles reprinted from a book titled Orange County Medical History written in 1927 by Dr. Charles Dexter Ball, MD, speaking to the county's medical history from the mid-1800s to then current day.  At the time, Dr. Ball was president of the Orange County Historical Society as well as a leader in the medical community. The Orange County Historical Society published this book. It's currently available only on the "rare" book market.


We are proud to post scans from the original pages of the book. The pages include information about the Orange County General Hospital (now UCI Medical Center), the Santa Ana Hospital, and a host of local doctors -- a few of the many who served the residents of Orange County.  We hope you enjoy this and get a feel for the type of pioneers these men and women of medicine truly were.


»  Pioneer Medicine in Orange County

»  Orange County General Hospital

»  Santa Ana Valley Hospital

»  More on the Santa Ana Hospital


»  Dr. Frank Ashmore

»  Dr. Margarete Darvas Baker

»  Dr. Charles Dexter Ball

»  Dr. Dexter Rankin Ball

»  Dr. John Dryer Ball

»  Dr. Thomas Stewart Blair

»  Dr. James Bullard

»  Dr. John Lewis Dryer

»  Dr. Alice Boyle Higgins

»  Dr. Alvin Jared Howe

»  Dr. Willella Howe-Waffle

»  Dr. John McClellan Lacy

»  Dr. John Luther Maroon
»  Dr. James Randolph Medlock

»  Dr. Alexander Hamilton Rowan

»  Dr. Walter Earl Watkins 

»  Dr. John Wehrly

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